Il ritorno di Rocco Siffredi a Ladispoli incanta i fan. Possibile progetto con Alessandro Borghi a Perugia per Netflix? Let's gossip!

Rocco Siffredi e Alessandro Borghi a Perugia: Netflix?




Enrico Guidi: “We thought of making him sit in a more private room, to give him a bit of tranquility,” LADISPOLI – Rocco Siffredi returns to the city, not even two weeks apart. His first visit was on Saturday, March 23, at a well-known private club in…

Rocco Siffredi’s Visit to Ladispoli Creates Quite a Stir

Rocco Siffredi, the legendary Italian actor and adult film star, has once again caused quite a buzz with his recent visit to the town of Ladispoli. Just two weeks after his last appearance in the city, Siffredi was spotted on Saturday, March 23, at a well-known private club. The club’s owner, Enrico Guidi, made sure to provide Siffredi with a more secluded area for his privacy and peace of mind.

This unexpected return to Ladispoli has ignited speculation among both fans and the media about the purpose of Siffredi’s frequent visits to the town. Some speculate that he may be pursuing a personal interest or perhaps even considering a move to Ladispoli. Others believe that it may be related to a new project or collaboration with a local establishment.

Local Excitement and Speculation Continue to Grow

The news of Rocco Siffredi’s return to Ladispoli has spread like wildfire throughout the town. Residents and visitors alike are abuzz with excitement, eager to catch a glimpse of the famous actor. The club where Siffredi was seen has become a popular spot for fans hoping to rub shoulders with the star.

Local media outlets have been quick to cover Siffredi’s visit, with paparazzi photos and videos circulating on social media platforms. The speculation surrounding his reason for frequenting Ladispoli has become the talk of the town, as everyone tries to decipher the true purpose behind his visits.

Alessandro Borghi and Rocco Siffredi: Unlikely New Project on the Horizon?

Amidst the buzz surrounding Rocco Siffredi’s repeated visits to Ladispoli, rumors have started to circulate about a possible collaboration with acclaimed Italian actor, Alessandro Borghi. The two stars were recently seen having an animated conversation at a high-end restaurant in Perugia, fueling speculations of a joint project.

If these rumors are true, fans of both Siffredi and Borghi can expect a captivating and unexpected pairing. The combination of Siffredi’s magnetism and Borghi’s raw talent would undoubtedly create a dynamic on-screen presence that audiences would flock to see.


  • Rocco Siffredi recently visited a private club in Ladispoli, just two weeks after his last visit to the same town.
  • The club’s owner, Enrico Guidi, ensured Siffredi had a more private area for his comfort.
  • Speculation is rife regarding the purpose of Siffredi’s frequent visits to Ladispoli.
  • Residents and visitors are eager to catch a glimpse of Siffredi, fueling excitement throughout the town.
  • Rumors of a potential collaboration between Siffredi and Alessandro Borghi have started to circulate.
  • If these rumors are true, fans can expect an exciting on-screen duo.

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