Spinetta Marengo: Chiuso Multiplex, preoccupazione di Cgil e Cisl. Opposizione chiede incontro instituzionale per salvare questo importante luogo culturale. #Alessandria #Ferrara

Chiusura Multiplex Spinetta Marengo: Sindacato Chiede Incontro Urgente.




Cgil and Cisl: “This is how an important cultural landmark is lost in the city”. Trade union organizations Cgil and Cisl expressed their concern over the closure of a cultural venue in Spinetta Marengo, Alessandria. The Multiplex, a popular entertainment complex, announced its shutdown, leading to uproar among the community and prompting calls for action.

Oppositions Demand Commission Meeting

In response to this development, various opposition parties and trade unions have called for a meeting with the local institutions to address the situation. Slc Cgil and Fistel Cisl, the two main trade union organizations, have expressed a pressing need to discuss the repercussions of the Multiplex closure and find possible solutions to save this cultural landmark.

“We cannot afford to lose such an important cultural asset in our city,” stated representatives from Cgil and Cisl, emphasizing the significance of the Multiplex to the community. They believe that the closure not only affects the availability of entertainment options but also has broader implications for the city’s cultural fabric.

Details of the Demand for a Meeting

Slc Cgil and Fistel Cisl have requested an urgent meeting with the city’s institutions to address the alarming closure of the Multiplex in Spinetta Marengo, Alessandria. They aim to discuss the reasons behind the shutdown and explore possible actions to ensure the preservation of this cultural venue.

  • The Multiplex, a popular entertainment complex in Spinetta Marengo, Alessandria, has announced its closure.
  • Trade union organizations Cgil and Cisl express concern over the loss of a significant cultural landmark.
  • Opposition parties and trade unions demand a meeting with local institutions to address the situation.
  • Slc Cgil and Fistel Cisl emphasize the importance of preserving the cultural asset for the city.
  • They aim to find solutions to save the Multiplex and prevent its closure.

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