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Jazz Magic in Rome: Eva-Marie & Avalon Perform Gypsy Jazz

Il celebre stile chiamato "Gypsy Jazz" emerso dalle Dolomiti grazie a Django Reinhardt, sarà reso omaggio da Tatiana Eva-Marie & Avalon Jazz Band, che si esibiranno a Roma il 28 agosto. Un'esperienza unica per vivere l'atmosfera delle Dolomiti nella città eterna!

The magic of jazz is coming to Rome on August 29th, as Tatiana Eva-Marie & Avalon will be performing a special concerto of Gypsy Jazz in the Italian capital city. Presented by I Suoni delle Dolomiti, a major music festival for the Autonomous Province of Trento, the concert will be held at theSuggesta in the heart of Rome at 21:00. The band will evoke the memory of Django Reinhardt, the influential French Gypsy Jazz guitarist who was born on August 28th, 1910 and whose music continues to inspire many today.

Eva-Marie & Avalon have been dazzling audiences with their jazzy blend of Gypsy Jazz since 2015 and after over five years together are now taking their music all over Europe. They are often praised for their original compositions that riff on the works of Reinhardt, including their most recent album, which includes twelve new tracks. This upcoming concert is sure to be an unmissable event for any jazz fan in Rome or abroad.

What inspired Eva-Marie & Avalon to create their unique blend of Gypsy Jazz?

When it comes to influences, Eva-Marie & Avalon take inspiration from the work of stalwarts like Reinhardt, as well as from modern jazz and swing. They’ve found ways to integrate contemporary genres into a Gypsy Jazz style, resulting in their unique synthesis of electronic music, classical, funk, rock, and Latin music with jazz. That combination, along with their spectacular showmanship, is sure to provide a deeply atmospheric and mesmerising show.

The concert on August 29th will diplay the band at their best, and promises to include many musical surprises. Audiences will be taken in a musical journey to 1930s Paris, steeped in sultry Gypsy rhythms and fiery improvisations, with a few modern touches along the way. Be sure to book quickly to get your spot for this special night of music in Rome.

What musicians have influenced the group’s original compositions?

The repertoire they will play on August 29th is a combination of Gypsy Jazz standards and fresh, original compositions. The group has incorporated influences from traditional musical styles from south-eastern Europe, including Kalan éssek from Hungary, Dvojnáky from Slovakia, and Ljig from Serbia all the way to Marseille in France. Moreover, their music is also enlivened by the influence of the Roma culture, with Eva-Marie’s experience of both Roma and Sinti music inherently present in their sound. Jazz composers such as Stephan Grappelli, Maurice Ravel, Don Byron, and Stochelo Rosenberg have also had a direct impact on the band’s repertoire.

This special evening of music is sure to impress with both old favorites and innovative new compositions, and promises to be a night of musical delight and sheer joy. Eva-Marie & Avalon’s performance will surely make this August evening in Rome a memorable one for all in attendance. For all jazz fans, this is one show not to be missed.

Are there any surprises planned for this upcoming show in Rome?

Eva-Marie & Avalon have some special surprises in store for this special performance. The band has hinted at rearranging some of Reinhardt’s iconic songs, as well as performed fan-favorites from their back catalogue with a new twist. As a nod to their Italian hosts the band will also be playing some traditional alpenklang as per the requests of the local audience. From Django-inspired pieces to the lyrical echoes of alpenklang, Eva-Marie & Avalon are sure to bring the crowd to their feet with this one-of-a-kind experience of Gypsy Jazz.

Those looking to make this a night to remember won’t be disappointed. Eva-Marie & Avalon show how Jazz music still has the capacity to surprise us as they surprise the audience with their signature Gypsy Jazz take on the genre. With a selection of both old and new, swing and folk, this upcoming show in Rome is sure to bring a sleek and sophisticated atmosphere.

At this unique performance, audiences can expect to hear:
• Arrangements of some of Reinhardt’s most iconic pieces
• New twists on fan-favorite tracks from their back catalogue
• Traditional alpenklang interpretations as requested by the local audience
• A selection of both old and new jazz pieces
• A sleek and sophisticated atmosphere for a night to remember

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